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This morning doesn’t seem like a particularly good day to be cheerful to me… England were knocked out from the World Cup last night, so most of the country is looking glum. It’s not the end of the world though, really.


I’m smiling on the inside, because those Boys did us proud! If we rewind to this time last month, nobody genuinely expected England to make it as far as the Quarter finals, never mind being 20 minutes away from a place in the World Cup Final for the first time since 1966.

Roll on 2022 I say!

Who knows where we could get to next time round. Do you believe football really could come home? Will 2022 finally be OUR year? I certainly hope so! I can imagine the entire country will grind to a halt if we get to the final – can you?


I’m cheerful because it FINALLY looks like we might get some rain soon. After over 3 weeks without a drop of it in Manchester, the plants are desperate for a good downpour – My tomatoes would love some fresh rainwater instead of tap water!

It has been so hot recently, even my hubby is moaning – and he never moans about the heat! The rain is definitely welcome here – our allotment is desperate for a decent drink! Word on the street is the hose pipe ban could possibly be scrapped IF we get enough rain in the North West this week. Fingers crossed for rain!

That’s about it from me today – two reasons to be cheerful. How many things do you have to smile about this week? More or less than I do?

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