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My husband and I haven’t been on holiday abroad since we had the kids. This is partly due to our son’s Autism and partly due to finances. So far this Summer, we’ve ticked quite a few things off our family bucket list here in the UK… To get the kids used to planes, we went on a small aircraft flight 2 weeks ago. I have taken the kids camping for the first time and we’ve had lots of other adventures as well. After our successful camping trip earlier this week, I am now scouring the net, looking for budget family holidays for next Summer.

My confidence is definitely increasing when it comes to how our son handles new situations, and I am pretty sure that he’d love the flight after our short flight last month too. The biggest hurdles for us to cross will be waiting around in the airport and the hotel transfer to get to the resort. I know that once we arrive and he understands we are staying there for a week, our son will absolutely love his holiday. With it being our first family holiday, I’d prefer to keep flight times as short as possible. With that in mind, it probably makes sense to stay in Spain or the Balearics.

Santa Ponsa

I know the beach in Santa Ponsa would be perfect for our little family. We’ve visited the seaside in the UK several times this year, and I know the kids love feeling the sand between their toes almost as much as I do. The golden sand and clear blue sea in Santa Ponsa (pictured below) is a far cry from Blackpool, though…

I have been to Majorca several times, and think it would be a great place for us to go for our first family holiday abroad, for several reasons… The flight time from Manchester is only 2.5 hours – our son would manage that pretty well. Santa Ponsa is under 20 miles from Palma airport too, so a private transfer should only be around 30 minutes. (For us, it’s worth paying for a private transfer in advance. This means you’re not waiting around on a stuffy coach for other holidaymakers, and you don’t have to visit other hotels before getting to your own. It’s also better than waiting in line for hours for a local taxi).

Cabo Blanco:

If you’re not bothered about the sandy beach, Cabo Blanco is a much quieter resort. Its much less touristy, and much more peaceful. The rocky coast line puts some people off, but you get a lot more for your money here. A 4* All inclusive hotel with a kids club, Jacuzzi for the grown ups and a mini water park on site works out at around the same as 3* without these benefits in Santa Ponsa.

Cabo Blanco has a much shorter transfer time too – it’s only 10 miles from the airport. This means we should get to the resort in under 20 minutes if we opt for the private transfer option. Private transfers cost £24 each way, so they are only £2 more than shared transfers, too.

If you’re still looking for a last-minute getaway for 2018, there are some absolute bargains available. It’ll have to be next year for us though, as we all need passports.

Have you got any tips for planning your first family holiday abroad? I’d love to hear them. To read more of my own travel adventures, browse the Travel category!