It’s day 11 of Blogtober, and today we are celebrating #internationalDayOfTheGirl. Today’s prompt is: Kickass Girls You Adore.


There are so many girls (and women) I love, that I found it really hard to choose one. I’m going to talk about the three ladies who helped me become me. Without even knowing it. So… Who are they?


My 2nd oldest sister.

When I was a teen, she always made time for me. Whether it was my friends and I sleeping at her flat, or her listening to me cry when things were tough at home. She always always had my back. I had a key to her flat and knew there was always a couch there with my name on.

I grew up modelling myself on her, and I know I drove her crazy when she was a young teenager, but she always listened. She still does now to be fair. I just wish she could talk to me like I talk to her.

If ever there was an award for the most amazing sister, one of us would win it haha! 😉 It wouldn’t be #internationalDayOfTheGirl without giving her a shout out.


Alanis Morissette taught me that it’s ok to break the mould. I realised at about 12 that I was never going to be one of the populars, but that was ok. I had a great group of friends and we had some fab times.

Alanis helped me process a lot of the stuff that was happening in my life while I was growing up, and I genuinely believe that her lyrics stopped me going completely off the rails when things were really tough.



As a teenager, I always felt really odd because I hated girly things. That was until Avril Lavigne arrived on the scene anyway. I was 18 by the time her music made it over to the UK, but she still helped me to accept that it was ok to like black and hate pink.

I remember listening to “so complicated” and basically nodding in agreement. She definitely made me embrace myself and accept that it’s ok to hate the idea of dressing like every other girl out there. I basically lived in massively baggy jeans and vest tops from 2002 to 2004 and I blame her entirely.

So there you have it. Three kick ass women who have inspired me at one point or another. Who’s made your list of kick ass girls this #internationalDayOfTheGirl?

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