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Expanding Beyond Your Craft Etsy Shop

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Chances are, you found this blog post if you have or are looking to start a craft Etsy shop. Etsy is the preferred platform for many crafters, after all. It’s the perfect site to share your creations and reach out to potential buyers. Regardless of whether you’re selling handmade cards or custom Christmas decorations. For many enthusiastic craft lovers, Etsy is not only a place to sell… It’s also a place of inspiration where you can follow other creative people, admire their work, and even buy from them.

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The idea behind the Etsy brand’s name came to the founder after watching an Italian movie. Indeed, ‘etsi’ means, phonetically, “oh yes” in Italian. Which felt at the time like a positive affirmation for side hustlers. Besides, in Latin, ‘etsi’ has an underlying meaning that hits the entrepreneurial nail of crafters right on the head: “what if”. Indeed, what if you could use the Etsy platform to launch your craft Etsy shop business? 

Expanding Your Craft Etsy Shop

However, you are going to reach a point where you need to expand your online presence outside of Etsy. While the selling and buying platform offers massive support to crafters, the opportunities to introduce your expertise and missions are limited. The page you can build on the site lets you present your shop, aka your products. What if you were to grow your business visibility online?  

Creating an SEO-friendly website is vital to your visibility

While Etsy ensures your shop remains visible to search engines, things are going to be a little different when you choose to build your own website. Indeed, without expert SEO tips and advice, you’re going to struggle to get noticed by search engines. Your first priority is to define the most relevant keywords for your craft. Etsy is an excellent place to start, as you can check how competitors describe their products. Additionally, you can also get in touch with an SEO expert to discuss the best list of keywords for your business. 

Those keywords are going to be matched with searches on Google and Bing. An SEO consultant can offer in-depth crawling access – aka adding the technical factors that boost ranking – and provide support with the content creation. All of this will help raise the profile of your Craft Etsy shop.

You need to share more about yourself than ever before

Unlike Etsy, where you only need to create a shop page, your website requires a personal touch. Visitors need to know more about you to build their trust level. As such, the way you present yourself on your site has a major impact on your success.

Your about me page can’t afford to send mixed signals. It’s your time to shine. So you have to make it clear in your content that you have faith in your craft skills. Don’t use the page to explain to your visitors why you don’t compare with brand x or y. Instead, use the space to show them why you’re unique and why they need to buy from you. 

Tell your craft Etsy Shop’s story in a way that reaches out to your audience

Lastly, you need to boost your social media visibility. Telling your story online – the Instagram story function is the ideal place for it – lets you reach out to a broad audience group. Your choice of hashtag needs to be strategic; pick the most relevant and popular for your niche. 

Building an online presence for your craft etsy shop business will take time. While Etsy is the ideal platform to start selling, building your brand requires an optimised website, a positive online personality and engaging story-telling skills. What if you could create an international craft brand? Finally, check out more of my business content here

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