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Budgeting For A Big Wedding

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I blogged previously about our secret wedding, and while it was perfect for us, I totally understand why so many couples decide to have a huge celebration. My brother got married in a castle in Cheshire, and it was out of this world. It cost tens of thousands of pounds though, and his big wedding involved a lot of planning and work – not my idea of fun at all. I saw an advert last weekend which read, “click here to see Notley Abbey – an award winning Country House Wedding Venue”. You guessed it – curiosity got the better of me!

Notley Abbey

What Does It Offer?

At first glance, it seems Notley Abbey offers the same as lots of other wedding venues. It also boasts being a building with over 800 years of history, a stunning medieval location for your wedding and a private setting – you get the place to yourselves, so no lost hotel guests crashing the party here!

My Thoughts?

The building looks stunning and if I had a substantial amount of surplus money to spare, I would consider a venue like this to hold my wedding. I guess there are ways and means to make it happen – even if you don’t have buckets of cash to spend.

Ways To Save For A Big Wedding…

1). Midweek weddings are usually much cheaper. My best friend literally halved the cost of her wedding by saying I Do on a Friday instead of a Saturday! Winter weddings tend to be cheaper than summer dates, too. Choosing a weekday may be the difference between being able to afford a big wedding or having to opt for a small one.

2). Choosing a venue which will host the ceremony and reception means no need for wedding cars! You also won’t need to worry about transporting guests from the ceremony to the wedding breakfast or reception.

3). Opt for Prosecco or wine instead of champagne for your guests.

4).  Don’t bother with save the date cards. Just text or email people with the date so they are aware of it, and then send the invitation once it’s ready. No need to pay for both in my opinion.

5). There are loads of ideas for cheap wedding favours online too. How cute are these packets of seeds? You could print the labels yourself and just pop some seeds into mini envelopes. This could save you a fortune! £5 per guest on a wedding favour adds up to hundreds if you’re having a big wedding.

How cute are these!

big wedding favours

6). You could even double them up and put each guest’s name on the envelope so it’s a place setting too, then pop the message inside on a mini card?

7). You can choose to make your own table decorations and they don’t have to cost the earth. My friend bought 48 jars of Tesco Value Jam, poured away the contents and tied ribbon around the clear jars once she’d cleaned them, and removed the labels. She then popped flowers from her Dad’s cottage garden into them, so it cost her under £30!

8). Make your own invitations. You don’t need to spend a fortune on fancy shop bought ones. Make them by hand and people will be touched at the effort you’ve gone to.

9). Don’t bother with Stamped addressed envelopes for the RSVP’s. Your email address or phone number are more convenient for your guests anyway – and you’ll save almost £1 per invite on the cost of the stamped addressed envelope!

10). Finally: You could delay your honeymoon. You can always put this towards your honeymoon. Don’t rely on it though, or you’ll be disappointed with all the towel sets, bedding and crockery gifts.

Did you have a big wedding? Are you considering trying to save money to get the venue of your dreams? I’d love to hear your plans.


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  1. Jo

    22/01/2019 at 5:19 pm

    Mine was so cheap and I will be writing about it at some point.

    Shame your friend didn’t live near me. I give all my jam jars away free. I suspect most of the people who collect from me are using it for the same thing.

    There’s some great tips here.


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