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All The Little Lies By Chris Curran

Book Review – All The Little Lies By Chris Curran


If you read GirlsGospel regularly, you’ll know I am a huge bookworm. I’ve always got a book on the go! So when I was asked to review Chris Curran’s new book ahead of publication, I was happy to agree. All The Little Lies by Chris Curran is a psychological thriller, packed with twists and turns.

All The Little Lies By Chris Curran

So read on to find out my thoughts…


After a lifetime of secrets how far would you go for the truth?

An unputdownable new psychological thriller, full of twists you won’t see coming, from Chris Curran.

Your whole life has been a lie…

One email is all it takes to turn Eve’s world upside down. It contains a picture of her true birth mother, Stella, and proves that Eve’s entire life with her adoptive parents has been a lie.

Now she must unravel the mystery of Stella’s dark past. But what Eve finds will force her to take enormous risks, which put her – and her new-born baby – in immediate danger…

All The Little Lies By Chris Curran cover

My Thoughts On All The Little Lies By Chris Curran:

After ten minutes of reading, I was hooked! I managed to finish this book in under 48 hours, which is no easy feat in the Easter Holidays! The book was full of twists, and although I figured out the main one less than half way through, I was still thrown off course several times. There were still plenty of surprises along the way though!

If you’re looking for a mystery thriller type book, this is definitely one for you! I have added Chris Curran to my followed authors on Amazon, which isn’t something I do very often! It’s well worth a read, but don’t expect to get much else done once you open the book! I’s highly recommend it as a holiday book!



About The Book:

All The Little Lies by Chris Curran is available to buy on kindle and Apple Books now. Additionally, it’s available in paperback from 2nd May. The book is 304 pages long, so slots comfortably into the psychological thriller genre. It’s published by Harper Collins and you can find more information here.

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