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Baby Loss Awareness Week – Blogtober Day 15


It’s Baby Loss Awareness Week this week, and day 15 of #Blogtober is paying tribute. Today’s prompt is, “Ones who couldn’t stay”. The idea behind baby loss awareness week is to break the taboo and get people talking about baby loss. Whether that be a child lost through miscarriage, stillbirth or SIDS – we need to stop sweeping the issue under the carpet.

baby loss awareness week

Baby Loss Awareness Week

Did you know that 1 in 4 pregnancies won’t end with a parent taking home their baby? That’s a shocking figure! I bet that everybody reading this post knows someone who has lost a baby. I myself lost one back in 2010. My best friend has lost two babies, another close friend has lost three babies. That’s 6 angel babies between 3 women! (And between 3 men too, of course)!

Men Grieve Too

One thing I want to say is that men grieve too. We had told people about our pregnancy, and when we lost the baby, my friends rallied round. I had hugs, phone calls, text messages etc, while hubby got nothing in the way of support.

Baby loss is definitely something which affects men too. I know my own hubby said he felt completely helpless watching me in agony, losing our child. He said he felt unable to do anything. Please remember the dads too when discussing baby loss awareness week.

This video helps explain the idea behind baby loss awareness week better than I can…

Global Wave Of Light

On 15th October at 7pm, families across the world will be remembering all of the babies that have died too soon. Light a candle or join virtually, by posting a photo of your candle on social media, along with the #WaveOfLight hashtag. Let’s remember all of the angel babies, and spare a thought for the parents with a void in their hearts.

baby loss awareness week

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Comments (2):

  1. ClearlyBex

    15/10/2018 at 7:25 pm

    Loss really does affect men too, it affects them more than they dare to show. I still remember hubbys tears when we lost our first 🙁


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