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zero tolerance

Zero Tolerance Poem

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Today is day 26 of Blogtober – the home stretch! I can’t believe I’ve managed to get this far with it! Today’s prompt is Zero Tolerance. I have already touched on a few things I have zero tolerance for. Today I am sharing some other things – in a poem…

zero tolerance

We’re all human…

Racism is stupid – we’re all born somewhere
Judging based on skin tone, or colour of their hair?
We all believe in something – That much is true.
I believe in Science, but I still respect you.

Some people live in houses, and some live on the street
You could be there yourself one day – Be careful how you treat
Imagine if you were them, how would you feel
Not knowing if you’d survive until given your next meal

The elderly are amazing, let’s treat them with respect
Give them love and your time – allow them to connect.
Ask them about their past, they are worthy of your time.
Not so long ago, they too were in their prime.

Youngsters now are different – they love to play their games
They still have feelings though.- and silly, odd nicknames.
Engage with them and show them how much you really care
One day soon, you will be old and they may not be there.

Some people are healthy and some of us are not.
It’s not something to be judged on – we didn’t pick our lot.
If parked in a disabled bay but walking on both feet
Their illness may be hidden – please do not shout or tweet.

Toddlers have tantrums – we’re all young once you know
Please do not stand and stare, or watch like it’s a show.
A child having a meltdown do not be quick to judge
That child could be autistic – so do not hold a grudge.

As my mum used to say, you’ll get just what you give
Be kind to folk and they’ll return the favour as you live.
Respect costs nothing, give and you will receive.
If you show hate and judgement, it’s yourself who you deceive.

zero tolerance

What do you have zero tolerance for?

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