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Which of These Three Popular Workspace Could Suit Your Business?

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Once upon a time, an “office” meant tube-lighting, grey carpets, watery coffee and a gurgling water-cooler. Nowadays workspace comes in many shapes and sizes. With workspace solutions spanning everything from virtual offices to multi-floor rentals… It can be hard to pick the right type of workspace for your company. With that in mind, today I am sharing Three popular workspace ideas. 

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Three Popular Workspace Options

If your neat and organized home office has served you well but you’re ready to move out, this list of the most common forms of office will help you make an informed choice.

Three Popular Workspace - communal office

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Virtual Office

A “virtual office” is a posh way of saying that you don’t have a physical office… But you pay to pretend to have one. Don’t worry, there’s no shame in this. Virtual offices like you could get from yourvirtualofficelondon.co.uk are proving extremely useful for gutsy startups and freelancers. Especially if they have to work from home at first, but crave the credibility that a ‘real’ office brings.

A virtual office will give you a business address. (Something more professional than your suburban home). As well as the convenience of professional mail-handling services. Phone answering is often an option, too. This includes a landline number, answered by a remote admin assistant who can divert calls to you. Unless your customer is also a private detective… It’s unlikely that they will ever know that you are anything but a well-established company.


Flexible work hours are pretty standard these days. This is only one reason that startups are flocking to buy memberships at coworking spaces. These locations are spacious, and often really stylish. With the added benefit of a community-driven feel. 24/7 access allows members to come and go, to suit their own schedules and business needs.

You also get flexible leases, removing the risk of signing up for standard workspace. Additionally, you’ll have most of your day-to-day business and office management needs taken care of. Including managed IT, call-answering (at a fee) and of course great coffee. The co-working demographic is usually youngish and quite driven. This creates a competitive, collaborative atmosphere that many people find to be a powerful driver of innovation.

Three Popular Workspace - hot desking

Image Source: Pexels CC0 Licence

Leased Workspace

Once your business is properly established…You may have specific requirements that most co-working and serviced office providers can’t meet. If you would like the opportunity to create the ideal office space for your business from scratch… (Complete with your unique branding materials on display). You may enjoy the freedom that a leased office gives. 

Leased office space only becomes an option for your business when… Future projections testify to the fact that your company will be around for a decade or more. Renting your own workspace may not be cost-effective until your business is making 6 figure profits. It takes time and effort to reach the stage where you can sign an extended property lease. This will effectively brings down the cost of your annual occupancy.

One thing to bear in mind when it comes to leasing workspace is… You will have to provide your own IT infrastructure. Additionally, you’ll need to take care of all essential office management tasks. Outsourcing may be your best solution until you’ve got your office humming.

Whether you’re a startup leader or CEO, finding the ideal workspace for your business is a tall order. These common office options will help you narrow things down a little.

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