Subtle Sexy Halloween Costumes

One of my friends has recently become single. She was saying last week how excited she was to be single for Halloween. (I’ll change her name to Claire for the purpose of this post). She’s excited about being able to browse loads of subtle sexy halloween costumes and not have to worry about what her other half thinks of her choice. Claire’s planning on letting her hair down, good and proper. We spent some time last week coming up with ideas, and I thought I’d share some today.

She has plans to go out for drinks first, so doesn’t want something too indecent, but wants to turn some heads – if you know what I mean!

Subtle Sexy Halloween Costumes

Our first subtle sexy halloween costumes idea was for her to be a:

Sexy biker chick

Claire’s already got a leather look biker jacket, and she was thinking Faux leather pants, a slashed tight fitting band tee (revealing a red bra underneath), and a pair of over the knee boots as well. Claire already has most of the items – it would just be the boots she would have to buy, so this choice wouldn’t cost her too much. Her hair is black, so it would have to be a wig if she opted for coloured hair like that pictured below.

subtle sexy halloween costumes

We were talking about where she is going, and Claire said she had a date lined up with someone she met on a Manchester dating site. She is meeting him for drinks and is then going off to a large Halloween party. Claire has the option of taking him along too, if the date goes well.

Another outfit possibility we came up with for subtle sexy halloween costumes was a:

Sexy fortune teller

The idea was she would wear a corset – which would show off her ample cleavage. She could then team this with a long, flowing skirt and black ankle boots. Something like the below image but with bare arms and chest. Claire was thinking of adding a black, velvet cloak too. This would keep her warm but also keep her assets visible.

subtle sexy halloween costumes

I was more than a little concerned when Claire said she was meeting someone she hadn’t met before while dressing so provocatively. She told me she had been talking to the guy via dating sites in Manchester for weeks, and was meeting him in a bar where she knew the staff. One of her other friends was meeting her there to go on to the party too, so Claire wouldn’t be alone with him at all. Have you considered online dating? I was surprised to see it’s so popular now that there are even sites specifically for over 50s dating.

Our third and final idea for subtle sexy halloween costumes was:

Pagan Witch

We aren’t talking warty, big hat wearing witch here – We mean sexy, smouldering Wiccan goddess… I thought a black or purple dress with a low cut front. Then possibly a cloak similar to the one mentioned for a fortune teller above would be great. Our idea for this would be plenty of dramatic highlighting and dark red lips.

Subtle Sexy Halloween Costumes

What do you think of these ideas? Would you consider wearing any of the three? I’d definitely be up for dressing as any of these if I were going to a grown ups’ Halloween Party.