When it comes to saving money, many people have got it down to a tee. The rest of us have the tendency of thinking: ‘how do they have so much self control?’ as we withdraw the money from our savings for the third time this week. However, as 2019 rings in, I’m making it the year of saving some cash. Think about all of the things you could do, even if you only saved £20 a week. That’s £1040 a year! You could afford to go on holiday after a few months of saving! I’ve put together some tips, to help you (and me) get started…

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Say goodbye to non-essential items

When it comes to saving money, the hardest thing for most of us is saying no to those things that we really want, but know that we can’t actually afford. Well, maybe we can in the short term, but our bank accounts are not going to look great afterwards. If you’re going to start saving money this year, you need to cut down. This includes things like clothes shopping, but also drinking, smoking (if that’s your thing) and spending loads of money on meals out or takeaways. Trust me, you’ll see the benefit pretty much straight away. Ditching that take out coffee every weekday morning is £15 a week saved, plus 10 extra minutes in bed!

Start a savings account

The worst thing that you can do when you’re saving money is keeping it all in your current account. Trust me, if you do this, you’re going to spend it. Set up a savings account so that you can get some interest on your cash, and it’s out of harm’s way. You’ll be glad that you did when you see how much you’ve got in a few months time. It’s kind of like hiding money from yourself, you know? Additionally, check out My Money Cottage for more money-saving ideas!

Start (and maintain) a blog

As any blogger will tell you, there are many ways to earn money through blogging. You can feature sponsored posts if you want to earn some cash. This essentially means that you test out a product or service and review it on your blog. The income varies, but you’ll still get money from collaborative posts. You can also get some ad banners if you really want to cash in from your online writing. This won’t change your blog much, and the content will still be the most important thing!

Try out the stock market

There are many ways of saving money, but actually earning a profit will help you get off to a good start, and will keep your funds high. Getting involved in the stock market could help you to do this, and using MetaTrader is a great idea if you want to find a platform to trade on. You may think that you’re not financially savvy enough to do this, but this isn’t necessarily true. You could get a great profit by learning the tricks of the trade. Don’t put all your savings in though!

Charity shops are a great way of saving money

People are slowly becoming aware of the evils of fast fashion, and there’s no time like the present to act on them whilst saving yourself a bit of cash. Many people have that dress that we mentioned above, and give it away without even wearing it once. Why buy something new when you could save the money and look just as great? In 2019, give to charity, and look after your bank account, by going to charity shops first.

Sell the things you don’t want

Ok, hands up – I’m 100% guilty of not doing this one. That expensive dress in the back of your wardrobe, can turn into a bit of cash in 2019 instead of taking up wardrobe space. Get on a site like eBay or download Depop, and get rid of the winter blues by having a clear out. If you’re only keeping items that you really want, you’ll have more money and a decluttered home. Win-win.


There are many ways to save money in 2019. From saying goodbye to non-essential items and visiting charity shops. To starting a savings account and getting a profit from following the stock market. You can also start blogging (which we would say, of course…) You can sell things that you don’t want if you really need some quick cash.

Don’t rule out any of these options, and you could be well on your way to having a better, and richer, 2019! Good luck, and happy saving… oh, and put that debit card back down, what did I tell you about spending money on eating out, hey?