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The summer holidays are finally over, and I am happy to report we survived! Now the kids have been safely deposited back in school, I am planning operation Hubby turns 40. (Shhh… don’t tell him I told you)! I think we are well overdue a romantic overnight break.

Time for a break

We have 2 kids, and one of them has complex needs, so we don’t get out as a couple much. (The last time we had an evening date was for my 30th birthday – I’m 35 in November)! I have managed to sort out overnight respite for him, and am now on a mission to find an overnight break for hubby and I.

We live in Greater Manchester, and ideally I want somewhere within an hour or so of us. I have a budget of around £300 for our break, and I am torn between options…

There’s plan A: Which involves a cute cottage in Lancashire. Think private hot tub, peace and quiet and countryside for miles. Just us.

Or Plan B: A Spa break in a hotel, which includes meals etc.

romantic overnight break view

If it were my choice, I think I’d pick the spa break every time. Knowing my husband’s love of peace and quiet and the great outdoors, I suspect the latter would be his top pick. After seeing the image above, I can see why!

When Am I Booking The Romantic Overnight Break?

I’m going to price up putting the dogs in kennels for the night, and then try to sort out a sleepover for our youngest before I can get anything booked. Fingers crossed I get it sorted and booked this month – we could both definitely do with 24 hours of peace and quiet! It’ll be amazing to spend some time as a couple, rather than “mum and dad”. We’ve not had a night off parent duties together since 2012!

I think this week will involve planning to arrange a sleepover for our youngest, while pricing up kennels for the dogs.


Assuming all goes to plan, I’ll definitely be travelling light. It’ll be a swimsuit, PJs and a change of clothes for coming home in if we opt for the cabin. If we go for the hotel, I’ll add a smart – casual outfit for our evening meal in too. My Make Up bag will carry the bare essentials and I won’t be taking half a dozen pairs of shoes. (It’ll be flip flops for the hot tub or spa which will double up as slippers, and 1 pair of smart shoes for travelling / eating in). I am definitely not an over packer – unlike my husband!

Have you planned a surprise romantic overnight break? I’d love to hear any hints, tips or suggestions you may have!

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