When you live in the UK, it’s almost expected that your first family holiday abroad will be to Spain. Mine certainly was. So it’ll come as no surprise that I am currently planning a family holiday to Salou. Lots of my family have been there, and have recommended lots of accommodation and attractions. So with that in mind, today I’m sharing my tips for planning a family holiday to Salou.

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Planning A Family Holiday To Salou

The first thing you should do is decide what type of accommodation you would like. If you hate cooking, then an all inclusive hotel may well be the way to go. However, if you enjoy exploring local establishments and eating somewhere different each night… Self catering accommodation will be best suited for your break. Alternatively, you can always hire a villa and cook your food in your home away from home, if you prefer. Holiday Village Spain offer a great range of self catering accommodation.

As a family, we love to go camping in the UK. So I had to consider camping Spain style. There are clamping, camping and touring caravan options, so you can pick the option which best suits your family.

Family Holiday To Salou - Family playing at the beach

Family playing at the beach

Location Location Location

My Aunt and her family have been to Salou many times, and her top tip is to choose accommodation close to Llevant Beach. She says its super clean, not mad busy and perfect for chilling out, away from the crowds.

Alternatively, opt for Playa de la Pineda for a more upmarket feel. This area has plenty of bars, restaurants and amusements, but isn’t as “tacky” as other areas of Salou.

Money Money Money

When it comes to planning a family holiday to Salou, it’s worth considering your budget well in advance. If you opt for self catering and plan on eating out a lot, you can expect to pay at least £8pp for a basic evening meal, not including drinks. So it’s realistic to assume you’ll need £50 for your evening meal each night, with a couple of drinks each.

Personally, we always save money by buying in cereal or chocolate croissants for breakfast. Given the constant stream of ice creams, drinks and snacks, the kids will probably opt to skip lunch most days anyway.

Family Holiday To Salou - Closeup of Spanish omelette served with bread slices on table in restaurant

Closeup of Spanish omelette served with bread slices on table in restaurant

Things To Do In Salou

The local water park costs €25 per child and €29 per adult, when booked in advance online. There is also a theme park and Ferrari Land close to Salou, and all 3 are owned by one company. So if you love having days out when you’re on holiday, it’s worth considering getting their 3 day passes. That way you’ll get 3 days out for a reduced price, when you book in advance.


Most families opt to book a hotel close to the beach so they don’t need to travel at all once they’ve checked in to their hotel. Alternatively, others choose to hire a car so they can explore the local area. Additionally, you can use public transport. There’s a good bus route in Salou, which will get you to plenty of other areas.

The water park is approximately 3km from the main Salou beach, so it is walkable. The bus is around €2 pp and the bus runs every 10 minutes, so it’s perfect if you want to avoid the walk.

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