Today, I’m inviting you to visit My Manchester via a poem I wrote in 2018. Watch this video to hear me read it, or scroll down for the text version.

My Manchester

I’m a Manchester girl, born and bred
Half this city’s Blue, the other half’s Red
Uni’s galore, to expand your mind
Student bars all over – the best you can find

Humour, compassion, banter and kindness
Our people are ace – our bands, they are timeless
Oasis, Stone Roses, New Order, The Smiths
Elbow, M people, not Pulp – that’s a myth

When you go to the chippy, don’t ask for a roll
A barm or muffin, should be your goal
Don’t forget gravy and mushy peas
Salt n vinegar too – you’d better say please

We travel in style on our own Metro trams
They’re the best way we know, to avoid traffic jams
The Northern Quarter, or Deansgate Locks
Wherever you go, Opportunity knocks


We Do Things Differently Here…

Head into town at the weekend to find
Places all over to dance, and unwind
The Printworks in Winter so you can keep dry
Or head to Canal Street when the sun’s in the sky

Our Cathedral is stunning, our History runs deep
Look back a few centuries and you will weep
Canals and railways started from here
Plus the suffragette leader – Pankhurst, to be clear

Our people talk funny, our accents are broad
Some sound straight from Corrie, others like a Lord
Our people are selfless, yet our words can be coarse
Innit, or Nah Man, just some we endorse

Our kid and Mam, we frequently use
The lingo is ours, and I hope you enthuse
With strength, resolve and a huge stubborn streak
We are worker bees, with a hive to upkeep

Wherever you’re from, North, South, East or West
I’m sure that you know, our city is blessed
Our city’s diverse, our culture unique
Still don’t believe me? Come, stay for a week

Written by Tina Bailey. 2018.

Have you visited Manchester before? If not… definitely add it to your list!