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Home, I’m Darling Review

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Last night, I went along to the opening night of Home, I’m Darling at The Lowry. Home, I’m Darling comes to Salford for one week only, from Tuesday 23rd April until Saturday 27th April. Tickets are available from £24.50 per person.

What Is Home, I’m Darling about?

Every couple needs a little fantasy to keep their marriage sparkling. Judy and Johnny are no different. Both of them are huge fans of the 1950’s. So much so, they decide to fully submerse themselves into the 1050’s ways when Judy is made redundant. However, behind the gingham curtains, things start to unravel,. It turns out being a domestic goddess is not as easy as it seemed.

The show follows Judy, Johnny, her nest friend Fran and her husband Marcus – who are also huge 50’s fans. Judy’s Mum, Sylvia and Johnny’s boss Alex add an extra dimension to the story, too.

Home, I’m Darling opens with the set looking like the below image. It transforms when the kitchen wall is opened up and the front door is pushed to the left of the stage. The set is absolutely amazing, and a real nostalgic trip!

Home, I'm Darling Set

Who’s In Home, I’m Darling?

Katherine Parkinson (from The IT Crowd and Humans) reprises her acclaimed role as Judy. She is joined by Jo Stone-Fewings as Johnny, who is a West End regular. He’s been in a huge array of Shakesperian productions as well as War and Peace and 39 Steps – One of my favourites!

The happy couple’s best friends, Fran and Marcus are played by Siubhan Harrison and Hywel Morgan. This pair have accolades from plenty of UK theatres and TV shows including Eastenders, Holby City and Doctors.

The final two characters – Sylvia and Alex are played by Susan Brown and Sara Gregory, respectively. Brown has worked extensively in the West End, as well as on Broadway! Her TV accolades are vast, and include Game of Thrones, Call the Midwife and BroadChurch – 3 of my favourite shows! Sara Gregory has been in a range of theatre, tv and film productions too!

Home, I'm Darling programme cover

My Thoughts

I found myself torn between loving the comedy and jokes, to feeling somewhat annoyed at the backwards steps Judy was making. I’m all for doing what makes you happy, but where do you draw the line? Without giving too much away, I found myself feeling a little cross at times with a couple of the characters. It definitely wasn’t all frilly skirts and jiving, that’s for sure! I was in awe of the costumes, and the frequent costume changes – It must have been crazy backstage!

Home, I’m Darling is a great insight into the 1950’s dream, but with a healthy dose of reality on the side! It’s well worth a watch! The scene changes and dancing were amazing to watch, and I loved the play’s soundtrack. My foot was tapping at several points, despite being an 80’s kid myself!

All told, I’d say get down to The Lowry and watch it if you are a fan of the 50’s, feminism or rock n roll.

Home, I'm Darling pin

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PS I was given a pair of tickets for the purpose of this review, but all words and opinions are my own. 

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  1. V.McDougall

    27/04/2019 at 8:47 pm

    We have just left the theatre at the interval of this production at The Lowry as it was completely inaudible.


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