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Coleman Valdes 4 Tent Review

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Today, I’m sharing my Coleman Valdes 4 tent review. If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know that I enjoy taking the kids camping. One of the biggest issues I face when camping is the fact I take the kids by myself. Hubby isn’t a fan of camping, and pitching a standard 4 man tent alone is borderline impossible. When I was asked to review the Coleman Valdes 4 air tent, I was thrilled to accept!

Coleman Valdes 4 Tent Review

If you aren’t familiar with the air tent concept, the basic idea is that rather than fibreglass or steel poles, the tent is held up by air beams. This makes pitching your tent faster and less stressful to pitch. Additionally, it means one adult can easily do it alone!

Pitching the Coleman Valdes 4 Tent

Last month I made this video of me pitching the tent for the first time. It was a very windy day, so excuse the noise!

The tent comes packed in an oversized tent bag, complete with pump and instructions. It weighs around 21kg, so is not light. I managed to lift it in and out of our SUV easily enough though. With an RRP of £665, this tent is an investment. It is extremely well made though, so feels like it’ll last for many seasons.

We went camping with it last weekend, and I bought a large tarpaulin sheet to go underneath the tent. This serves two purposes… Firstly it keeps the bottom of the tent clean and prevents mould. Secondly, it adds an extra layer of insulation between the ground and the tent, so your tent is a bit warmer.

Camping With The Coleman Valdes 4 Tent

We went camping at Royal Umpire in Preston last weekend. It took me around 40 minutes to get the air tent up, then another hour or so to unpack everything else and sort out the air beds…

Coleman Valdes 4 tent review Pinterest pin

Once we were unpacked, I was really impressed at how much space we had inside. The sleeping area has a dividing wall which is removable. We took this down to allow us to block one of the doors with a chair. There was sufficient space for our camping table, two camping chairs and the dog’s large dog bed in the living space. We used the space under the table to store our cooking equipment and food.

Fab Features

There are a few things which make the Coleman Valdes 4 tent stand out in my opinion. Firstly, the hinged front door! If you’re anything like me, the constant zipping open and closed of tent doors is frustrating. Coleman have addressed this with their hinged door. It takes less than 2 minutes to pop the fibreglass poles into the door, thanks to the zip closure. Once they are in place, you can close the door to with the velcro fasteners, or the toggle which holds the door open.

Hinged door on the Coleman Valdes 4 tent

The Sleeping Space

In the bedroom, we had a double camping bed the first night. Unfortunately, the double air bed didn’t fit very well, as the frame pushed out the back of the tent. I read the measurements for the tent, but failed to take the sloping rear wall into account. This wasn’t a problem the first night as we just spun the bed around so it used the space for both bedrooms.

The second and third night, we added a double height, double airbed to our setup for my son. This fit nicely into the space, but the double camp bed was pushing into the tent fabric as we had to push it over as far as we could. There was no footpace at all once it was in situ.

Coleman Valdes 4 tent review interiors review

The thing I loved most about the sleep area is that they are Coleman’s Patent Pending Blackout Bedrooms. Once the windows and doors are closed, the sleep area is pitch black – even at noon!

The Weather Test

During our 3 night break, we had a fair amount of wind and 24 hours of rain. The Coleman Valdes 4 tent stayed upright through it all, and didn’t let in any rain. One thing to remember is to pitch your tent so the porch isn’t facing the wind. It was pretty windy when we arrived, so I pitched the tent side on, with my car alongside it. This definitely seemed to help.

The temperature was around 13-16 degrees throughout our stay, and dropped to 8-10 degrees overnight. The tent was toasty warm on all 3 nights. The kids had 3 season sleeping bags, and were both so hot they stripped to their underwear. I had 2x 1 season bags, and was perfectly happy in my PJs.

Packing Up

When the day came to pack up, it was, typically raining. Despite that, it only took 20 minutes to pack up the tent once we’d emptied all the gear. Impressively, I even managed to get it back into the bag!

Coleman Valdes 4 tent in the bag

All told, I highly recommend the Coleman Valdes 4 tent. It’s not cheap, but it is 100% a case of “you get what you pay for.” The tent feels like it’ll last a long time, so it’s a good investment.

Finally, if you’ve found this Coleman Valdes 4 tent review useful, check out more of my camping posts here.

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  1. Yeah Lifestyle

    10/08/2019 at 6:27 am

    We are on the lookout for a tent as we don’t have one but was not too keen as we don’t enjoy the hassle that comes with setting it up. This looks easy enough to set up and glad that it is weather proof as well.


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