woman with small boobs wearing black bra let, and the text "how to check small boobs for cancer"

I am the proud owner of a pair of small boobs, and today I’m sharing how to check small boobs for cancer. Why, you ask? October is breast cancer awareness month, so the Blogtober prompt for day 2 is “boobs”. The word itself makes me laugh a little. Mostly with embarrassment.

How to check small boobs for cancer

I am the owner of a pair of very small boobs – FACT! My boobs aren’t something I spend a great deal of time thinking about these days. I don’t have any. End of story. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to check small boobs for lumps though.

Have I Always Had Small Boobs?

I’ve always been an A cup. At my biggest weight, my smallest and everywhere in between! My band size has changed over the years, but not my cup size. When I was breast feeding, I could almost fill a B cup – when I’d not fed the baby for a few hours, anyway. Checking your breasts for lumps is an important job – no matter how big (or small) they are! When you check small boobs for cancer or lumps, it’s easier than with big breasts, so that’s an added bonus!

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When I was younger, it bothered me that I had small boobs, but it didn’t affect my confidence. Padded bras became my best friend. I remember spending £30 on one in Debenhams when I was about 17, which was water filled. It took my 34A “fried eggs” up to a 34D, at least. It was heavy, but definitely looked far more realistic than the “chicken fillets” which were popular at the time. That was as close to a boob job as I ever got.

It’s not all bad, having small boobs – at least I don’t get hot and sweaty like lots of friends do. I don’t need to worry about how strong my sports bra is, and I definitely don’t get back pain as a result of their size! Several of my friends have needed breast reduction surgery, and I am definitely grateful I didn’t have to go through what they did.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Having a small cleavage means that checking for lumps and changes is an easy job. Yep – even us small chested ladies need to keep an eye out for changes. Cancer doesn’t care what cup size you are!

how to check small boobs for cancer

Personally, none of my family have been directly affected by breast cancer – that doesn’t mean we won’t be though. It’s important to know what changes to look out for. None of my 3 sisters have small boobs – they definitely got my share! I seem to have been given their share of grey hair – lucky me! So… While I’ve got small boobs, but it’s not a bad thing in my book!

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